Monday, 2 October 2017

Co-ordination and Tessellation

During our geometry unit we have created maps that include co-ordinates (north, south, east and west) and scale, then formulated questions about these aspects relating to our maps. Here are a few examples... see more of these amazing and mysterious maps, come to Room 6

We have also been looking at tessellating patterns and created some of our own. These are on display outside Room 6 in the corridor. Here are a few of our patterns...
Isla H


Isla L



Sunday, 17 September 2017

VAS Art Exhibition

This term our topic has been Art of Aotearoa. First we explored icons and symbols used in New Zealand art as well those from other countries. We thought about our own cultural heritage (where our ancestors came from) and created designs to incorporate icons and symbols from these countries and New Zealand. Our final piece of art was produced on a mask, influenced by the United Buddy Bear travelling exhibition (in which artists from different countries created designs on the same 3D bear shape). 

Here are our masks (see if you recognise what cultures have influenced them)...

...and here they all are at the school exhibition

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Annual Cross Country

We had our school cross country today (the weather was good, apart from the sudden short torrential downpour during the Year 6 girls race!). We have been practising for most of the term and Room 6 did well. We had placings in the top 10 in both the Year 5 girls and Year 5 boys races. 

Year 5 girls...
  • 1st place: Isla H
  • 6th place: Putri

Isla and Putri

Year 5 boys...
  • 2nd place: Quinn
  • 3rd place: Lucas F
  • 7th place: Nick
  • 9th place: Oscar K
Lucas, Nick, Quin and Oscar

Well done everyone who participated, and good luck the those who have qualified to represent our school at zones.

Thursday, 31 August 2017


Room 6 has been learning some of the features of 3D shapes, such as faces (the flat surface of each side), edges (the line where two faces are joined) and vertices (the corners where the edges converge). 

Today we used nets to create 3-dimensional shapes (a net is the flat shape that a 3D object can be created from).  Here are a few of the finished shapes...

Triangle-based pyramids

Triangular prisms

Longer triangular prisms
Table Tennis

We had the privilege of learning from a fantastic table tennis coach who visited our school and took the class for a lesson. Warm-up challenges were targeted towards developing hand/eye coordination and motor skills and the following games suited all skill levels. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves...

Wednesday, 23 August 2017


We have been learning about shapes and patterns during maths this term. We have been exploring the idea of symmetry and created our own symmetrical tiles with a vertical line of symmetry. Here are our results...

We used copies of our symmetrical tiles to show different patterns that can be made by manipulating the tiles. These include translation (when the tile slides horizontally or vertically to cover a surface)...

...reflection (when the tile is flipped horizontally or vertically to cover a surface)...

...and rotation (when the tile is turned a half or quarter turn to cover a surface)...

I think we've all done a pretty good job!