Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Technology Challenge

While some students were at the Winter Sports Field Day, the remaining students from Room 6 and Room 4 were busy with a technology challenge. This is their challenge:

In groups of 3 or 4, using the following equipment:
  • 5 drinking straws
  • 3 iceblock sticks
  • 7 sticks
  • 1 plastic cup
  • 1 metre of wool
  • 1 metre of masking tape
  • 1 piece of card (A5)
  • 1 marble

Design and build a construction that will hold a marble as far out from a table as possible without the marble being lower that the surface of the table. The challenge is to have your marble reach the furthest out from the table than any other group.

(Extra paper and pencils can be used to to draw ideas and scissors can be used to cut soft materials. Not all materials need to be used)

There was a lot of trialling ideas and changes being made as designs failed, but this is all a part of the process. We talked about Thomas Edison inventing the lightbulb and all of the failures he encountered. Some of the challenges today included running out of resources, working as part of a group, having to remake parts that didn't work initially and time constraints.

Here are some images of technology in progress...

And the winners were...
...with a 460mm distance from the edge of the table!
Well done girls!

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Wheel Make A Difference

Our topic this term was based on technology. We looked at different modes of transport with wheels that we use as 9 and 10 year olds (things you don't need a licence to use). 

We undertook some research about the history of different wheeled transports (including roller blades, tricycles, penny farthing bicycles, unicycles, roller skates, scooters, skateboards, BMXs, mountain bikes and the segway) and created slideshows to highlight key points. 

Then we surveyed the school and found many students wanting to bring bikes, scooters and skateboards to school. We designed and made prototypes of suitable storage for these modes of transport. Here are our finished prototypes:

A Term of Taniwha

This term our art focus has been inspired by Maori myths and legends. We read some traditional stories about taniwha and looked at images on line, then used ideas from Maori art to create our own taniwha images. The first process involved using a chalk drawing and pastel to create an image, then dyeing it black to create the outlines (negative space). These are on display outside Room 6 and in the library. Here are a few samples:









Our next project was to create an image of a taniwha for printmaking. We planned the shapes, cut them out of card and glued them to the backing board. When they were dry we used ink and rollers to print multiple images. Here are a few of our prints:

Throughout the term we have also been working on four panels that we removed from outside the school library. We painted a base colour (the four house colours) and then used a similar colour to create a woven design over the top. Then we painted the silhouette of a taniwha over the top of that. The taniwha used elements of some of our pastel and dye images. Here is the finished product:

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Grandparents Day

We have had a successful Grandparents Day today. Many grandparents and friends visited the school and our class. Earlier in the week we had worked collaboratively to create a poem about grandparents. Here's the result...

What Are Grandparents Made Of?

(Poem created from couplets by Room 6)

Hugs and kisses, a fountain of wishes
A sprinkle of sun because they’re really fun
Cookies to bake, Lego toys to make
Enjoy drinking coffee (but not so much toffee)...
That’s what grandparents are made of.
Hearts of gold, that won’t melt into mould
Kisses all day, always wanting to play
Making s’mores and chocolates galore
They like a good wine and they love to dine...
That’s what grandparents are made of.
Baking of cakes to the slurp of milk shakes
Eating chocolate bars, flowers in a special vase
Memories in frames, lots of fun games
Pets to hold, dazzling rooms of gold
That’s what grandparents are made of.
Cookies galore (leave the crumbs on the floor)
Love to cook and read lots of books
Trees to climb in gardens devine
Trips away, games to play...

That’s what grandparents are made of.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Year 5 Camp!!!

We have all had such a fun experience at Camp MERC during Week 3. Students from Room 4, Room 5 and Room 6 learned more about survival skills and life around the rocky shore as well as facing challenges (some with heights involved!) and trying new things. Activities included archery, wall climb, abseiling, giant ladder climb, and slingshot. Here are a few photographic highlights...

Group 4 during Adventure Based Education games
Group 6 ready to begin the wall climb
Group 3 at archery
Lucas ready to fire
Scarlett aiming for the target
Group 1 at the wall climb
Group 7 about to head off to archery
Nick enjoying the food
Mia (from Room 4) helping Luca atop the giant ladder
Ginny survived her abseil
Sam, Evie (from Room 4) and Olivia spotting at the giant ladder
Louis about to climb the wall
Isla abseiling
Adam just hanging around

Filip (from Room 4) Olive and Cooper spotting at the wall climb
Zach, Harriet and Isla ready to where you're aiming!
Lucas begins his ascent
Ginny and Harriet about to climb
Jonas (from Room 4)  and Grace (not nervous at all)
Isla and Scarlett aiming the slingshots
Natalie reaching the top of the climbing wall
Group 8 prepared for the rain
Nick descending the abseiling wall
Exploring the rocky shore creatures catalogue before heading out explore the rocky shore
Oscar ready to abseil the wall
Oscar aiming the slingshot
Group 2 ready for abseiling
Isla, Harriet and Zach at the wall climb
Scarlett abseiling
Aidan and Olivia about to begin the giant ladder climb
Putri...another satisfied customer